Good Question. Although I’d done some overseas travel with my parents growing up, it all really started in September of 2010.

Several months after finishing my Engineering degree I received confirmation I had an engineering design job in Germany.

So, with only two weeks notice I booked a plane ticket, packed my suitcase and was off into this big old world of ours.

Sure, I had plans to see the usual tourist attractions, like the ever romantic Eiffel Tower and the enchanting Tuscan countryside – still on my list of must-get-to destinations by the way – but I never had any great desires to be ‘a traveller’.

But over time, something happened…

No, I didn’t quit my job and start travelling full time. I started to make new friends.

As luck would have it, they turned out to be some of the most incredible, welcoming and friendly people going around. Many of who I feel privileged to call my close friends to this day.

Like with all friends, I was invited to local street festivals, town celebrations and the like. It was great – I had friends! Then something truly amazing happened. I was invited to join some people on a trip to Munich.

I couldn’t believe it. I had been to Munich once. It was ok. But this second time was a whole other experience. It was fantastic!

Some of my earliest friends in Germany and I sitting by the Rhein River

Some of my earliest friends in Germany and I sitting by the Rhein River

The Adventure begins

Before I knew it I was doing weekend trips on my own, exploring new areas, and getting lost in other countries – which by the way, I still feel is one of the best ways to explore new places.

And you know what? I loved it!

Ask my friends, any of them. They’ll tell you, ‘Oh Josh, he always seems to be somewhere’, or ‘I have never known someone to walk so much!’.

In truth, I would have extended periods where I would just work, No holidays. No trips. But then out of the blue, I would be off visiting 3 countries in just as many weeks.

What else did I discover?

I found I really loved flying. I often book flights, especially long haul, by the route and airline to try different planes and airports. Travelling almost yearly between Europe and Australia for nearly 8 years, I’ve tried a few.

I also saw more than I ever would just from a tourist book or a ‘Top Ten list’, all because of local friends.

When I came to visit, they’d show me the things they know. Not just the tourist hotspots. Ask yourself, when as local knowledge steered you wrong?

Me at the Gaeubodenfest beer festival in Straubing, Germany

Me at the Gaeubodenfest beer festival in Straubing, Germany.

It is all about the people in your life

I had some truly inspirational travellers in my life to open my eyes! Several of my closest friends travel more than you would believe and have seen more of this world than you can imagine.

No, they’re not travel bloggers or work for an airline. They have 9 to 5 jobs (admittedly yes, one or two are actual flight attendants. But as travelling is part of their job, I’m not counting them).

One is a computer programmer. Another works for a pharmaceuticals company. Even someone who’s a police detective. What these friends of mine have in common is:

  • They just love travelling
  • Experiencing life
  • Meeting new people
  • Trying new things
  • They value the importance of taking time, not making for yourself

These influences had a profound impact on my life.

Somehow in between attending a Polish wedding, celebrating with a German family for Christmas, cooking Pizza and Pasta with an Italian and going to a house party in Holland, and yes, working a full-time job, I became an accidental traveller.

My birthday dinner 2016

My birthday dinner 2016

Times change but so do you…

Now being based back in Australia, unfortunately, I don’t have the European jaunts like I used to. I’m not a full-time traveler either. (I’m actually now a copywriter – Josh Rose Copywriter).

But in my seven and a half years abroad I’ve seen and done some truly incredible and unique things – not only in Europe but in America and Australia too.

So stick with me a little longer as I share some of my favourite destinations, experiences, essential travel tips, and ‘local’ Knowledge to help make your next holiday a truly unforgettable experience.

And don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of new adventures to come! I am not done travelling quite yet 😉

And remember, many of the greatest things in this world have happened by accident…

All the best and safe travels,