In fact, I plan to

I’m don’t know when, but Exotics Racing Las Vegas is already locked in for my next visit to Sin City. The opportunity to drive some of the fastest, most enviable sports cars on the planet is something you simply must try at least once (or twice 😉 ) in a lifetime.

Having always had a love for exotic sports cars, I’ve often considered hiring one. So when I discovered I could sample some of these incredible machines on a race track, I couldn’t say no.


I want to drive that one, and that one…and that one too…

Selecting my driving experience was like being a kid in a candy store. Barely restraining myself to only three cars – the Nissan GTR, Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Huracan – I opted for the minimum 5 laps in each.

But can I handle such powerful cars?

If you hold a valid driver’s license and are over 18 – you bet! The team at Exotics Racing Las Vegas are professional drivers. They know that you and I, who have likely had next to no experience with exotic sports cars, are not.

What they also know is how to help you get the most out of your time around the track safely. And make sure you have a lot of fun doing it.

The first step of your day is a short, yet highly informative information session covering the basics of performance driving, procedures to follow on track and the ideal racing lines for the circuit.

After collecting your helmet, it’s time to meet your weapon/s of choice.


To the Track!

First up for me was the achingly beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia. That distinctive primal growl of its V8 powerhouse, the sun slowly setting over the rocky outcrops lining Las Vegas – the scene was set. I strapped myself into the surprising snug bucket seat, got the final words of encouragement from my co-pilot and was off.

As you might have guessed by now, you have an instructor sitting next to you the whole time you’re on the track. Normally there are other cars on the track with you, but you don’t have to worry. Your trusty co-pilot, aka instructor, will let you know when you have to slow down, when it’s safe to overtake, and when to nail it. They also have their own brake pedal should it all start getting just a bit too hairy.

The track itself is a great little piece of tarmac. The corners vary in difficulty with nothing overly complicated. Yet, there’s enough hairpins and chicanes to keep any racing fan happy.

To get a real sense of the experience, check out the video of my last two laps in the magnificent Lamborghini Huracan at the end of this page – you won’t be disappointed.

How fast will I go?

Has to be one of the most common questions asked. Typically the guys see around 160 to 170km/h. If you’re really pushing, expect to hit closer to 190 km/h! Translating for my imperial unit loving friends, that’s approximately 100 to 105mp/h and 120mp/h respectively.

The hardest part…

What can I say? Getting in those cars, on that track, I left a very happy man. Yet at the same time, also a little disappointed…

Don’t get me wrong, the experience and instructors were fantastic. What left me a feeling a little unfulfilled was before I knew it, my 15 laps were up.

It’s true what they say, about time flying when you are having fun. There haven’t been many times I’ve experienced this as strongly as when out on that track. Having to say goodbye so soon will truly be the hardest part of your day.


Would I change anything about my day?

My day was fantastic. But given the opportunity, yes there are a few things I would change to make it a perfect day.

  • Choose more laps over more cars. 5 laps aren’t enough time to become familiar with a car. The more familiar you are, the harder you can push and the more fun you’ll have. If this is an option for you, I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • Book an earlier time slot. My drive was the late 4 pm session. As I did this in the winter month of December, I had real problems seeing at some corners because of the setting sun.
  • Take up any on-the-day offers. From time to time, they offer special offers for extra laps or additional cars on the day at reduced prices. As soon as I was told my last 5 laps were up, I instantly regretted my not adding a few extra laps…
  • Pay the extra money for your onboard footage. Ok, so I did do this. But I nearly didn’t. Yes, it’s rather overpriced for a bit of data and a memory stick. But as far as memories go, it is worth every penny!

And if I feel like a hot lap around the circuit?

Exotics Racing has you covered there too with their acclaimed Ride-Along experience. I didn’t try this myself but my cousin sure did.

Driven around the track by a professional driver is a thrill ride not to be missed. Choose from either the insane and very sideways drifting session in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat or experience flat-out speed in your choice of available supercars. It’ll be a ride you won’t forget anytime soon.


At the end of the day

From the moment you arrive, you feel the professionalism and pride of every staff member. People who love their job, love cars and most importantly, love helping every smiling face that comes through that door have an unforgettable, adrenaline-charged experience.

If you love cars, love driving fast and want an experience that’ll stay with you for many years come, go see what all the fuss is about at Exotics Racing Las Vegas!

A few points to keep in mind if you are interested in booking a high performance experience

  • This will not be a cheap day. But thankfully Exotics Racing Las Vegas has an extensive range of tailoring options to build a package ranging from ‘affordable’ to ‘that got expensive really quick’.
  • At the time of writing, you can get onto to the track for 5 laps in a Porsche Cayman GTS for $199USD. For something like the Lamborghini Aventador, you’ll be looking at $499USD. Additional laps cost extra depending on the car. Multiple cars and VIP experiences are of course also available.
  • Insurance for the cars is included. However, you do have to sign a liability waiver for your own personal safety. Again, please check with your travel insurance company to check the extent of their coverage in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Please see the Exotics Racing website for full information and details

Don’t forget, should you have any questions at all the friendly staff at Exotics Racing will be more than happy to help.

Happy driving 🙂